Exhaust Insulation blankets

Custom Exhaust Insulation Blankets

Customised Exhaust Insulation Blankets can be manufactured to suit ALL exhaust systems. With a wide range of products and materials to manufacture from, exhausts up to 1200°C can be insulated to increase safety, noise and temperature reduction.

Postfair manufactures Thermal Blankets (Exhaust Wraps) from Fiberglass and other non carcinogenic materials. Postfair Exhaust Blankets are custom manufactured to ensure effective heat containment.

Exhaust Insulation blankets
The construction of a typical Postfair Exhaust Blanket consists of 3 layers:

Hot Face: Usually stainless steel mesh or silica-glass cloth depending on the use of the blanket and overall requirements.

Insulation: Needle mat of carrying thickness depending on the original temperature and the reduction of temperature required by the exhaust insulation.

Cold Face: Fibreglass cloth coated in either silicon, aluminium foil or teflon. The coating depends on the application of the blanket.

Fixings on the blankets are 304 stainless steel capstans with 304 lacing wires, however in certain jobs where 316 stainless steel is preferred, 316 ss D buckles can be used instead.

Exhaust Insulation blankets
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